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I’m Michelle DeKeyser, a mom of three kids and a wife. For a very long time, that is all I thought I was. I believed that if I put all my time and energy into making sure the people around me were fulfilled, I was doing my job as a stay-at-home mom. I felt guilty spending money on myself and also felt I didn’t have the time or energy to spend on self-care. So, I’d end up in cycles of burnout that led to constant yelling, frustration, mindless activities, drinking, and eating that passed the time. Somewhere in the midst of COVID, these cycles became increasingly worse. I truly loved my family and was grateful for them, but I also felt like I needed something else.

     And so, on September 1, 2020, I found myself embarking on a new mindset journey and homeschooling all on the same day. The first mindset journey I chose was 75Hard, but as I finished the Bootcamp, I’d wonder what’s next. I can’t do this forever. So I started Morning Miracles as I ended up finishing the last three Phases of 75Hard throughout the year. I also joined the Jay Shetty Genius Community as well as 30 different self-help books. I was on a mission to discover myself. In finding my authentic self, I create mind, body, and spirit habits that led to the loss of 50lbs, a morning routine, healthy eating habits, a desire to exercise more often, and having more presence with my family, friends, and self.

    But what I realized in the guilt of what I thought I should be doing on this journey, I realized there really isn’t one set program that fits everyone. Therefore, I wanted to create a way for women to discover what appeals to them most and create a plan that could help them change their habits. My more successful changes happened when I had the support and accountability from others and so creating a Circle for each person was so important to me. As I researched other types of circles and mom’s groups, you had to find the members and attract them to you which can be the hardest part. I wanted to take that out of the equation for you and do all the attracting for you and be a matchmaker for each of you. Because when women work together, WE RISE THE TIDES.


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